Tulane University Scholar and 2017 Ubben Posse Fellow Younes Boulares with his host U.S. Congressman John Lewis.

The Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows Program


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In 2016, The Posse Foundation’s board of directors and other major supporters established The Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows Program, which recognizes Jeff’s decade of service to Posse as chairman of the board. Supported by a fund of $1 million, five outstanding college sophomores are selected each year as Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows. These Scholars receive a generous stipend and a prestigious summer internship with a leader in one of the following workforce industries: arts, media & entertainment, STEM, law & government, education & nonprofit, and business & finance.

The 2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows

2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows.
The 2020 Ubben Posse Fellows, clockwise from left: Cecilia Ribordy (Dickinson College), Molly O’Halloran (Bucknell University), Kevin Rios (Pepperdine University), and Samuel Teshome (University of Rochester).

Molly O’Halloran (Bucknell University)
2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellowship specialized interview project

Cecilia Ribordy (Dickinson College)
2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellowship specialized interview project

Kevin Rios (Pepperdine University)
2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellowship with Deloitte US CEO Joe Ucuzoglu

Samuel Teshome (University of Rochester)
2020 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellowship with Weill Cornell Medicine’s Physician Organization President and CEO Dr. Robert Min

Jeff’s legacy

Chair Emeritus Jeff Ubben with University of Puget Sound Posse Scholars

With access to giants of industry, these young people will grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

Jeff Ubben, Founder and Managing Partner, ValueAct Capital, Posse Chair Emeritus

Jeff served as Posse’s board chair from 2007 to 2016. During his tenure, he helped the organization grow exponentially. Jeff helped bring on 47 new college and university partnerships, double the number of Posse cities, and build the organization’s assets to nearly $80 million. In 2014, Jeff was one of two donors to underwrite the expansion of the STEM Posse Program, allowing it to double in size. Similarly, he helped establish the Posse Veterans initiative. Jeff helped to develop the national board and local advisory boards, bringing in countless new supporters and advocates.

Jeff was especially dedicated to the idea that "America’s future relies on developing pathways to leadership positions for talented young people from every background, young people who truly represent the diversity of this country."

This program honors him for his contribution and finds those young people who epitomize this core organizational value.

Program Details

The Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows Program awards five exceptional Posse Scholars $10,000 each and the chance to spend 4-6 weeks during the summer shadowing and learning from a major industry leader.

Posse Scholars eligible for the Jeff Ubben Posse Fellows Program are students who are college sophomores with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher, show tremendous leadership potential, and who will likely apply for the Rhodes, the Fulbright, the Marshall and other prestigious fellowships later in their college careers.

Each year, out of more than 600 Posse sophomores enrolled at elite colleges and universities nationwide, only five will be selected—less than one percent. All eligible Posse Scholars will receive an invitation to apply in the fall of their sophomore year.

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