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Every year, The Posse Foundation and Posse Scholars facilitate an annual weekend-long PossePlus Retreat attended by members of the larger student body, faculty and administration, with the goal of discussing an important campus issue identified by Posse Scholars. These annual retreats are made possible by Posse’s incredible partner colleges and universities.

During each PossePlus Retreat weekend, a cross section of the campus community — students, faculty and administrators — come together to talk about the topic on a national, campus and personal level.

By creating a safe space for dialogue between campus community members who may not ordinarily interact with one another, retreats today have become an important forum to engage in social, cultural and political issues.

“This retreat centered me and truly gave me hope for this future generation."

The University of Texas at Austin


The PossePlus Retreat was started by the first Posses at Vanderbilt University who felt it was important to do something that would create a positive impact for the campus community. These first Posse Scholars worked closely with Posse staff to create The PossePlus Retreat, a weekend of interactive and challenging workshops designed to tackle important national and campus issues. In the past, retreats have dealt with themes of race, meritocracy, class, gender, power, social responsibility, education just to name a few.

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2019 PPR Report

Ppr Report State Of Our Union 2019 Tn PossePlus Retreat participants shared thoughts and opinions about The State of Our Union in their PPR survey. Read the 2019 PPR Report.

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