Posse alumni, PNAAC reps and panelists at the 2018 alumni conference.
Posse alumni, PNAAC reps and panelists at the 2018 alumni conference.

Posse National Alumni Advisory Council

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Posse National Alumni Advisory Council

Deborah Bial and Posse Advisory Council
2023 PNAAC Representatives with Jennifer Daniel, National Director of Alumni Programs

"PNAAC is hugely helpful. They ground the board discussions in actual lived experience."

Tamara Wilds Lawson, Former Posse D.C. Director

The Posse National Alumni Advisory Council works to build lifelong relationships between Scholars, alumni and the Foundation by providing leadership and professional development opportunities and encouraging philanthropy, leadership, and networking within the alumni community.

PNAAC is a non-governing body, and each year comprises alumni representatives from each Posse site and program.

Representatives serve as members of their local Posse advisory boards and contribute to the development of an annual strategic plan for alumni initiatives. PNAAC works to create local and national opportunities for collaboration and networking.

2022 PNAAC representatives

  • Posse Atlanta
    • Morgan Tatje, Texas A&M University, Posse 4 (Atlanta)
    • Kiandra Smith, The College of Wooster Posse 7 ​(Atlanta)
  • Posse Bay Area
    • Adonis Logan, Centre College, Posse 13 (Boston)
    • Christopher Dean, Connecticut College Posse 2 (Chicago)
  • Posse Boston
    • Tiana Evelyn, Bryn Mawr College, Posse 16 (Boston)
    • Cynthia Rodriguez, Hamilton College Posse 9 (Boston)
  • Posse Chicago
    • Brenda Benitez, Pomona College Posse 8 (Chicago)
    • Brigid Carmichael, Grinnell College, Posse 9 (D.C.)
  • Posse D.C.
    • Demisse Selassie, Pepperdine University, Posse 1 (D.C.)
    • Summer White, Grinnell College Posse 10 (D.C.)
  • Posse Houston
    • Sabrina Olvera, Texas A&M University, Posse 3 (Houston)
    • Azalia Sprecher, Bryn Mawr College Posse 2 (Houston)
  • Posse Los Angeles
    • Viviana Mauri, Mount Holyoke College Posse 1 (Miami)
    • Michelle Sanchez, Dickinson College Posse 3 (Los Angeles)
  • Posse Miami
    • David Vargas, University of Pennsylvania, Posse 1 (Miami)
    • Roland Cole, Vanderbilt University, Posse 19 (New York)
  • Posse New Orleans
    • Sydney Monix, Tulane University, Posse 4 (New Orleans)
    • Ty-Ron Wright, Tulane University Posse 5 (New Orleans)
  • Posse New York
    • Asha Harvey, Bucknell University, Posse 7 (D.C.)
    • Terrell Moore, DePauw University Posse 14 (New York)
  • Posse Veterans
    • Brad Carney, Dartmouth College Posse 1 (Veterans)
    • Rebeca Martinez, Wesleyan University Posse 3 (Veterans)

To connect with your PNAAC reps and other brilliant Posse alumni, log on to your Posse Portal and use the Posse Alumni Directory.


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Applications to become a 2023 PNAAC representative will be available in early 2023. Stay tuned!

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