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The Posse Institute

The Posse Institute is the research arm of The Posse Foundation and was founded with a generous grant from the Ford Foundation.

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Institute Goals

As the United States becomes an increasingly multicultural society, Posse believes that the leaders of this new century should reflect the country’s rich demographic mix.

The Institute’s research tracks The Posse Foundation’s growth and progress towards this central mission, and researches and publishes internal and external reports on matters relating to access, retention, leadership, and diversity in higher education and the workforce.

The Posse Foundation’s rich and unique data set of nominees, Scholars and alumni is maintained and analyzed to ensure that as the Foundation grows, progress is tracked and best practices are shared. The Institute also collaborates with experts in the field of higher education to explore issues of equity.

Posse Alumni by Race - Posse Alumni Report
Posse Alumni by Race (Source: Posse Alumni Report)

Program Reports

Posse Alumni Report

The Posse Alumni Report describes the backgrounds, college experiences and post-grad lives of Posse graduates. It also shows how Posse has impacted Scholars, as well as how Scholars have impacted college campuses and the world. The Posse Foundation is creating a new network of leaders, which will grow to represent a workforce unlike any the country has ever seen.


2018 | 10 Year STEM Retrospective

Women and racial minorities are sorely underrepresented in STEM despite enormous growth in these fields. The Posse STEM Program recruits, trains, and supports cohorts of student leaders in pursuit of STEM degrees and careers. The 2018 Diversity + STEM Retrospective highlights the program’s 10 years of success.


2014 | Posse Mentor Report

Mentoring programs for college students can help students transition to college, increase their persistence rates, and contribute to their academic success. The Posse Mentor Report highlights the impact of Posse’s mentor program since it began in 1993. The findings show that not only do mentors play a crucial role in Scholar success, but Scholars also positively affect mentors’ lives.


PossePlus Retreat Reports

Posse leads weekend-long PossePlus Retreats (PPRs) every year at our partner schools.

At each PPR, participants complete an extensive survey—designed by The Posse Institute—related to the retreat topic. The Posse Institute publishes the survey results in a PossePlus Retreat Report, which is shared with PPR participants, presidents, chancellors and other administrators of our partner schools, and members of the larger higher education community.

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Posse Facts & Figures

Posse 51 InfographicPosse is the most comprehensive college access and leadership program in the world. Our numbers back this up.