Posse Arts Program.
Posse Scholar Earl Simons Jr. Photo: Lawrence University/ Danny Damiani.

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Eligible high schools and CBOs can nominate Arts students


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Who can nominate students for the Posse Arts Program Scholarship?

Public high schools and community-based organizations (CBOs) in these select cities/locations can nominate rising seniors for a full-tuition Posse Arts Scholarship to their corresponding partner college:

  • New York City public high schools/CBOs can nominate rising seniors for the Arts Scholarship to California Institute of the Arts.
  • Puerto Rico public high schools/CBOs can nominate rising seniors for the Arts Scholarship to Bard College.
  • Atlanta, Bay Area, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Newark, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Phoenix public high schools/CBOs can nominate rising seniors for the Arts Scholarship to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). UNCSA admits a "geodiverse" Arts Posse consisting of 10 students from these cities.*

Students may also self-nominate.

Who should I nominate for the Posse Arts Program Scholarship?

In addition to the typical qualities we seek in Posse Scholars, the ideal Arts candidates are high school seniors who have:

  • A demonstrated interest and motivation to major in the performing arts or fine arts
  • A creative engagement with their craft and a commitment to developing their skillset
  • Diverse interests within or outside of the arts

How do I become a Posse Arts Program nominator?

Are you a college counselor, teacher, or someone who works with college-bound young adults, but not a Posse nominator yet? Are you located in one of the cities listed above? Email [email protected] to register as a Posse Arts Program nominator.


What majors can Arts Posse Scholars pursue in college?

The range of arts majors available to Arts Posse Scholars depends on which Posse partner institution they ultimately attend. In general, Arts Posse Scholars concentrate their study in the visual arts (architecture, art history, fine art, electronic arts, graphic design, or photography), dance, film/video (including animation), music, or theater (acting or design & production). More details about specific programs offered at partnering institutions are shared with Arts Posse candidates as they go through the selection process.

Can an Arts Posse Scholar study another major as well?

Arts Posse Scholars may be able to major in non-arts fields of study, depending on which Posse Arts partner institution they are admitted to.

What high school background should Arts candidates have?

Some Arts Posse candidates may attend high schools with audition or portfolio-based programs, but this is not a requirement. All candidates, however, must be able to demonstrate a skillset and experience that reflects their passion for and aptitude in their art form. As candidates advance through Posse’s Dynamic Assessment Process, an audition or portfolio will be required based on the recruiting partner college. In addition, Arts Posse candidates should also have strong academic records.

What happens to applications for students who are not seen as a good fit for the Posse Arts Program?

Students nominated for the Arts Program opportunity will not be considered for other Posse programs.

Arts Posse College & University Partners

  • Bard College
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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