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High school nominees for the Posse Scholarship.

Tomorrow’s leaders have arrived.

Posse recruits outstanding young leaders from cities across the country.

We believe that to foster leaders who better represent the demographics of the United States, we must broaden the pool of students who enroll at the best institutions of higher education. Across the nation, many students are overlooked because of structural inequality and an over-reliance on traditional measures of aptitude. Posse has developed an effective tool for identifying students who might be missed by traditional criteria but who can excel.

The American Dream doesn’t mean anything if people can be screened out of opportunities in life.

Derek Bok, President of Harvard University 1971-1991 and 2006-2007

Every year, thousands of students compete for a Posse Scholarship. Posse works with a network of public high schools and community-based organizations in 20-plus cities who nominate talented and diverse students. Over the course of three months, nominees experience Posse’s unique recruitment strategy, The Dynamic Assessment Process.

Recruiting for the Posse Arts Program

Do you know a high school student who is an inspired visual artist, theatre artist, dancer, filmmaker, animator, or musician? Learn how to nominate incredible young artists in your city.

Nominate an Arts Scholar

Recruiting for the Posse STEM Program

Posse is looking for high school students passionate about science, technology, engineering and math. Learn how you can nominate the next generation of scientists.

Nominate a STEM Scholar

Recruiting for the Posse Veterans Program

The Posse Veterans Program is an unparalleled national initiative that identifies veterans with exceptional promise who might be overlooked. Veteran Scholars are capable leaders who have earned a seat at a first-rate, highly selective college. Learn more about how to nominate or apply for the Posse Veterans Program.

Nominate a Veteran

Watch: The Posse Awards Ceremony

Winning a Posse Scholarship is a journey for students, families and communities. We celebrate Posse Scholars’ accomplishment every winter at Awards Ceremonies across the country.

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Posse's unique evaluation method is designed to identify young leaders.
Learn about our Dynamic Assessment Process

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Once selected, Posse Scholars get support in Pre-Collegiate Training and the Campus Program.

Supporting Scholars