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Posse Staff


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National Staff

Deborah Bial, Ed.D., President + Founder
Amanda Aguilar-Oliver, Career + Alumni Program Associate
Haley Andres, Graduate + Fellowship Program Associate
Regina Bain, Associate Vice President
Rico Blancaflor, Vice President of Strategic Projects
Alexandra Bushman, Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Jaime Leiva Cabrera, Assistant to the Vice President of Development
Alberto Camilo, Accounting Associate
Claire Connacher, Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Curtis, National Training Specialist
Dorcas Davis, Director of Strategic Projects
Vy Deal, Revenue Accountant
Raechelle Ellison, Receptionist
Ebieten Elmsoxogu, Grants Writer
Germán Esquilín, Senior Accountant
Zachary Fabri, Graphic Designer
Matthew Fasciano, Chief Operating Officer
John F. Gallagher III, National Training Specialist
Melanie Gisin, National Director of Development Operations
Emily Grotheer, Public Relations Associate
Amberine Huda, National Director of Alumni Programs
Camille Idiaquez, Senior Development Officer
Pamela Phayme Jones, Director of Training + Evaluation
Gladys Kwateng, Accounting Manager
Samson Lim, National Director of Graduate + Fellowship Programs
Shantá Lindo, National Director of Career Programs
Valerie Martinez, National Training Specialist
Rachel Massey, Newman’s Own Fellow
Esther Miller, Research Associate
Asia Liza Morales, Strategic Projects Specialist
Jake Moreno Coplon, National Director of Project Advancement
Liz Mulligan-Ferry, Senior Research Associate
Eberechi Obi, National Training Specialist
Francis Occena, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Barbara Ofosu-Somuah, Database Administrator and Research Associate
Stacey Pierce, Associate Vice President
Alba Rodriguez, Vice President of The Posse Institute
Hedy Roma, Vice President of Development
Rassan Salandy, Vice President for External Affairs
Mia Simon, Assistant to the President
Virginia Oberlin Steel, Grants Officer
George Velazquez Jr., IT Manager
Maxi Villar, HR Generalist

Posse Atlanta

Zenith N. Houston, Director
Vanessa Alamo, Assistant to the Director
TeKeyia Armstrong, Trainer
Kivatah Castilla, Senior Development Officer
Nandi Cotton, Program Coordinator
Teri Gittens, Career Program Manager
Makalani Mack, Trainer
Tevin Neal, Trainer
Nicholas Pratt, Trainer
Marisol Zacarias, Program Director

Posse Bay Area

Farah Elakhaoui, Director
Eloisa Almaraz, Program Director
Alyssa Benveniste, Career Program Manager
Alexandria Cechettini, Development Officer
Ibrahim Ibrahim, Trainer
Karl Rivera, Program Coordinator
Isabella Stork, Trainer

Posse Boston

Andrew Gallagher, Director
Howard dePass, Trainer
Geanina Fripp, Career Program Manager
Lidia Galindo, Assistant to the Director
Elizabeth Deborah Johnson, Trainer
Allison Paul, Trainer
Florangel Suero, Trainer
Stephanie V. Tafur, Program Director
Kathryn Torrey, Senior Development Officer
Tiffany Zheng, Program Coordinator

Posse Chicago

Jennifer Tani, Director
Samantha Bahena, Program Coordinator
Asia Calcagno, Trainer
Caroline D’Andrea, Career Program Manager
Molly Dull, Senior Trainer
Araceli Duran, Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Senior Trainer
Simon Jeffrey, Program Director
Marline Johnson, Trainer
Megan Legault, Assistant to the Director
Sara Martinez, Trainer
Danielle Moon, Senior Trainer
Yasmeen Nanlawala, Program Director
Caryn Turgeon, Development Officer
Ashli Watts, Trainer
Leslie Wooten, Development Director

Posse D.C.

Tamara Wilds Lawson, Director
Ashley Abraham, Career Program Manager
Jayleen Alvarado, Assistant to the Director
Kenya Bryant, Trainer
Mei Lin Pratt, Trainer
Amarilis Roman, Program Coordinator
Michael Trask, Program Director
Dominique Tucker, Trainer
Sveta Wilkson, Senior Development Officer
Rafael Woldeab, Trainer

Posse Houston

Kamari J. Brewer, Director
Tori Amason, Trainer
Danielle Amoah, Development Officer
Emma Basen-Engquist, Program Coordinator
Chrishaunta Joseph, Trainer
Selam Kidane, Program Director
Anthony Kwak, Trainer
Reine Lucas, Trainer
Julie Ramos, Assistant to the Director
VanKeila Simmons, Career Program Manager

Posse Los Angeles

Tamara Y. Craver, Director
Miyelle Elise Aiken, Career Program Manager
Mary Avila, Development Director
Jasmyn Culpepper, Career Program Manager
Jennifer DeGuzman, Program Director
Cameryn Harvey, Program Coordinator
Amir Haylock, Trainer
Aaron H. Henderson Jr., Senior Trainer
Lillian Ma, Development Officer
Margarita López Marroquin, Trainer
Cristina Perez, Assistant to the Director
Darwin Rodriguez, Trainer
Sandy Rodriguez, Program Director
Melvin Earl Villaver Jr., Trainer
Aaron Vogel, Trainer
Margarita Williamson, Program Coordinator
Steven Zatarain, Trainer

Posse Miami

Nadine Dalrymple, Director
Matias Buchhalter, Assistant to the Director
Denise Carter, Program Coordinator
Casey Dachs, Senior Development Officer
Quincie Doucet-Barron, Trainer
David Durand, Program Director
Jon Flowers, Trainer
Zoe Fried, Career Program Manager
Samuel Turow, Trainer
Jessica Woolverton, Trainer

Posse New Orleans

James Dabney, Director
Gabe Christian-Sola, Trainer
Jack Duffy, Senior Development Officer
Courtney Evans, Trainer
Chandler Keen, Assistant to the Director
Kevin Kousha, Program Coordinator
Barbara Reynolds, Trainer
Tonia Salas, Career Program Manager
Prisca Washington, Program Director

Posse New York

Shreya Malena-Sannon, Director
Cindy Almanzar, Career Program Manager
Lucero Batista, Career Program Manager
Evan Bell, Trainer
Gregory Boles, Program Coordinator
Megan Cox, Program Director
Mikasa Famorca-Benjamin, Senior Trainer
Michael Ferron, Trainer
Gabe Gaskin, Senior Trainer
Bonnie Maldonado, Trainer
Darlene Reyes, Trainer
Kaye Reyes, Program Director
Nina Rodgers, Assistant to the Director
Anthony Scrima, Trainer
Kaveri Sengupta, Program Coordinator
Michelle Shin, Career Program Manager
Din Tolbert, Program Director
Michael Williams, Senior Trainer

Posse Veterans

Marcus Felder, Director
Nicolette Dixon, Trainer
Joshua Henderson, Trainer
Kimiko Ebata, Career Program Manager
Mydashia Hough, Trainer
Amanda Montana, Program Coordinator
Clareese Saunders, Trainer

Board of Directors & Advisory Boards

Donella Tamika Tamara Power Of 10 Dc 2017Our boards bring industry expertise and growth support to each of our cities and nationwide. Meet Posse’s board members.