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National Staff

Deborah Bial, Ed.D., President + Founder
Lester Alemán, Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Gyulnara Barnett, National Director of Strategic Projects
Rico Blancaflor, Senior Advisor, Creative Content
Faith Brewer, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Jaime Leiva Cabrera, Development Specialist
Peter Chang, Accounting Manager
James Dabney, Regional Vice President
Nadine Dalrymple, Regional Vice President
Vy Deal, Revenue Accountant
Geselle Dominguez-Rojas, Receptionist
Jacai Edwards, Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Ebieten Elmsoxogu, Grants Writer
Germán Esquilín, Senior Accountant
Matthew Fasciano, Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Gallagher, Associate Vice President of Development
Gabe Gaskin, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Greisy Genao, Strategic Projects + Training Associate
Melanie Gisin, National Director of Development Operations
Emily Grotheer, Communications Specialist
Tristan Haughton-Derima, Assistant to the Chief Development Officer
Camille Idiaquez, National Director of Development
Peter Kaplan, Graphic Designer
Jake Moreno Coplon, Vice President of Strategic Projects + Training
Liz Mulligan-Ferry, National Director of the Posse Institute
Mackenzie Niness, Career + Alumni Program Associate
Francis Occeña, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Barbara Ofosu-Somuah, Database Administrator and Research Associate
Emely Paulino, Research Associate
Stacey Pierce, Associate Vice President
Peter Raucci, National Director of Graduate + Fellowship Programs
Hedy Roma, Chief Development Officer
Rassan Salandy, Vice President for External Affairs
Virginia Oberlin Steel, Grants Officer
Nicole Taylor, Associate Vice President
Orin Troyer, Graduate + Fellowship Program Associate
Christian Vazquez, Assistant to the President
Maxi Villar, HR Generalist
Gerry Young, Accounting Associate

Posse Atlanta

Zenith N. Houston, Director
Melissa Alamo, Trainer
Lillian Alton, Trainer
TeKeyia Armstrong, Program Director
Teri Gittens, Career Program Manager
Markie Morrison, Trainer
Tevin Neal, Senior Trainer
Jamaya Powell, Program Coordinator
Ayanna Zulu, Assistant to the Director

Posse Bay Area

Damali Burton, Director
Eloisa Almaraz, Program Director
Nicole Cariño, Trainer
Cynthia Gonzalez, Trainer
Daniela Lopez Lopez, Program Coordinator
Mary Madden, Development Officer
Christopher Neal, Trainer
Victoria Sánchez, Career Program Manager
Isabella Stork, Senior Trainer

Posse Boston

Andrew Gallagher, Associate Vice President of Development
Alexander Black, Program Coordinator
Jonathan Dong, Assistant to the Director
Mariani German, Trainer
Makeda Girma, Trainer
Amelia Graber-Lipperman, Trainer
Ibrahim Ibrahim, Program Director
Phinix Knight-Jacks, Career Program Manager
Sofia Phay, Trainer
Kathryn Torrey, Senior Development Officer

Posse Chicago

Jennifer Tani, Director
Emilio Araujo, Trainer
Samantha Bahena, Career Program Manager
Bailey Bagneris, Trainer
Uriah Brown, Trainer
Alex Garay, Trainer
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Program Director
Simon Jeffrey, Program Director
Gabriela Pantoja-Cortés, Assistant to the Director
Aida Shilwa, Career Program Manager
Valeria Stutz, Program Coordinator
Caryn Turgeon, Development Director
Deandre Turton, Trainer
Yliana Velazquez, Trainer
Joseph Velez, Trainer

Posse D.C.

David Barber, Director
Kelitah Armstrong, Program Director
Samantha Garzillo, Trainer
William Harris, Trainer
Jamila Hayes, Career Program Manager
April Johnson, Program Coordinator
Emily Kessler, Development Officer
Sharon Nicol, Trainer
Carlos Piedrasanta, Trainer
Zai Rutter, Assistant to the Director

Posse Houston

Zakiya Thomas, Director
Emily Arkin, Career Program Manager
Cristián Castro-Brizendine, Program Coordinator
Maggie Drake, Development Officer
Halle Dure, Trainer
Hannah Ho, Trainer
Jessica Jennings, Trainer
Reine Lucas, Program Director
Rosalinda Miguel, Assistant to the Director
Anisha Thornabar, Trainer

Posse Los Angeles

Nikki Kealalio, Director
Jacqueline Amezcua, Trainer
Mary Avila, Development Director
Daniel Gross, Trainer
Andross Milteer, Career Program Manager
Julius Moyo, Program Director
Cristina Perez, Development Officer
Cynthia Ramirez, Trainer
Miriam Randolph, Assistant to the Director
Katie Rezzo, Program Director
Christina Rozario, Trainer
Rafael Solis-Segura, Trainer
Christopher Stern, Trainer
Jonathan Wanless, Program Coordinator
Kiavanne Williams, Trainer
Margarita Williamson, Program Coordinator

Posse Miami

John Moreno-Escobar, Director
Anthony Abeja, Trainer
John Manuel Alba-Cerritos, Trainer
Denise Carter, Program Coordinator
Zoe Fried, Career Program Manager
Dominique Lindsey, Trainer
Samantha Lunsford, Trainer
Brax Tinkler, Senior Development Officer
Jessica Woolverton, Program Director

Posse New Orleans

James Dabney, Regional Vice President
Justina Boyd, Career Program Manager
Christina Cimini, Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Comer, Senior Development Officer
Diana Gonzalez, Trainer
Bantu Gross, Program Director
Myles Porter, Trainer
Jorge Reynoso, Trainer
Toussaint Trahan, Trainer

Posse New York

Justin Barker, Program Director
Kaz Boschen, Trainer
Tyler Boyle, Trainer
Ernest Butts, Program Coordinator
Lorena Cariño, Trainer
Valeria Cortes-Rivera, Program Coordinator
Rachelle Eason, Trainer
Edinam Eshietedoho, Trainer
Alexandra Gaynor, Career Program Manager
Morgen Littlejohn, Trainer
Bryan Lucero, Program Director
Serena Rodriguez, Assistant to the Director
Eleanore Saintis, Trainer
Michael Williams, Senior Trainer

Posse Arts Program

Quizayra Gonzalez, Program Director
Saúl Sandoval Navarrete, Trainer
Janyah Williams, Program Coordinator

Posse Veterans Program

Adam Lessuck, Director
Kimiko Ebata, Career Program Manager
Eleni Kalisch, Senior Advisor for Recruitment
Molly Pearl, Program Director

Posse Virtual Program

Augusta Irele, Director
Garrett Brown, Trainer
Jasmine Bruinooge, Trainer
Arriana Covington, Trainer
Raechelle Ellison, Program Coordinator
Aaron Henderson, Program Director
Jared Nunes, Trainer
Xianna Ortiz, Trainer

Board of Directors & Advisory Boards

Donella Tamika Tamara Power Of 10 Dc 2017Our boards bring industry expertise and growth support to each of our cities and nationwide. Meet Posse’s board members.