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National Staff

Deborah Bial, Ed.D., President + Founder
Gyulnara Barnett, National Director of Posse Consulting
Sarah Beckley, Development Assistant
Rico Blancaflor, Senior Advisor, Creative Content
Jaime Leiva Cabrera, Development Specialist
Miho Hirozawa Carey, Executive Assistant to the President
Peter Chang, Accounting Manager
Nadine Dalrymple, Regional Vice President
Jennifer Daniel, National Director of Alumni Programs
Vy Deal, Revenue Accountant
Geselle Dominguez-Rojas, Training + Consulting Associate
Ebieten Elmsoxogu, Senior Grants Writer
Geanina Fripp Emerson, Institutional Giving Specialist
Germán Esquilín, Senior Accountant
Andrew Gallagher, Associate Vice President of Development
Jessica Garlasco, Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Gabe Gaskin, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Lauren Gibbs, Vice President of Business Development
Melanie Gisin, National Director of Development Operations
Nicole Glotzer, Individual Giving Specialist
Siaira Harris, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Camille Idiaquez, National Director of Development
Augusta Irele, Vice President of Training, Learning + Curriculum
Anna Jeffers, Database Associate
Peter Kaplan, Graphic Designer
Marcela Lima, Accounting Associate
Javier Marca, Program Operations Associate
Jake Moreno Coplon, Chief Operating Officer
Liz Mulligan-Ferry, National Director of the Posse Institute
Nicole Nowbahar, National Director of Graduate + Fellowship Programs
Jared Nunes, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Francis Occeña, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Peter Raucci, Associate Vice President
Elizabeth Ring, National Director of Career Programs
Hedy Roma, Chief Development Officer
Rassan Salandy, Vice President for External Affairs
Mickey Steiner, Program Design + Implementation Specialist
Karen Suazo, Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Chris Vazquez, Communications Specialist
Maxi Villar, HR Generalist
Christopher Watt, Salesforce Administrator
Jaxx Whitney, Receptionist
Brandon Zhu Graduate + Fellowships Program Associate

Posse Atlanta

Jamaal Greer, Director
Melissa Alamo, Senior Trainer
Kevin Eccles, Trainer
Demarquez Grissom, Trainer
Jac’quese Hargrove, Career Program Specialist
Cesar Lopez, Trainer
Leah Mungo, Senior Development Officer
D’Ariel Myrick, Assistant to the Director
Tevin Neal, Program Director
Chaide Wynn, Program Coordinator

Posse Bay Area

Joshua Fenton, Director
Brigid Behrens, Development Officer
Derrius Jones, Career Program Specialist
Daniela Lopez Lopez, Program Coordinator
Mazvita Nyamuzuwe, Trainer
Kate Packer-Dawley, Trainer
Rafaello Sampang, Program Director
Giselle Curiel Velazquez, Trainer
Chanel Zaldana, Assistant to the Director

Posse Boston

Sakeenah Chapman, Director
Michelle Chan, Program Coordinator
Makeda Girma, Trainer
Ibrahim Ibrahim, Program Director
Julie Lam, Senior Development Officer
Tariq Longsworth, Trainer
Xan Mullings, Trainer
Rhys Recker, Trainer
Violeta Villatoro, Assistant to the Director

Posse Chicago

Jacare Thomas, Director
Lucy Abrams, Assistant to the Director
Daisy Ayala, Trainer
Samantha Bahena, Senior Career Program Specialist
Bailey Bagneris, Senior Trainer
Joselyn Campoverde, Senior Trainer
Alex Garay, Senior Trainer
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Program Director
Simon Jeffrey, Program Director
Britney Lux, Development Associate
Gabriela Pantoja-Cortés, Trainer
Jada Shavers, Program Coordinator
Aida Shilwa, Senior Career Program Specialist
Cecily Smith, Trainer
Caryn Turgeon, Development Director
Yliana Velazquez, Senior Trainer
Sage Willems, Program Coordinator

Posse D.C.

David Barber, Director
Cameron Fogle, Assistant to the Director
Samantha Garzillo, Senior Trainer
Jamila Hayes, Senior Career Program Specialist
Hannah Loffman, Development Officer
Marc Monteil, Trainer
Mariaximena Morales, Trainer
Ever Reiko, Program Coordinator
Catherine Starks, Trainer
Tonia Young, Program Director

Posse Houston

Zakiya Thomas, Director
Emily Arkin, Senior Career Program Specialist
Halle Dure, Senior Trainer
Celine Gandingco, Trainer
Hannah Ho, Senior Trainer
Yuliza Lara, Trainer
Reine Lucas, Program Director
Crystal Orazu, Assistant to the Director
Hannah Randall, Development Officer
Stephany Ruelas, Program Coordinator

Posse Los Angeles

Nikki Kealalio, Director
Jennifer Arias, Program Coordinator
Nia Cathcart, Trainer
Maricela Lorenzo Cruz, Trainer
Miranda Hall, Career Program Specialist
Nathalie Lopez, Development Officer
Joshua Pamintuan, Assistant to the Director
Cynthia Ramirez, Program Director
Christina Rozario, Senior Trainer
Kayla Schwartz, Trainer
Rafael Solis-Segura, Trainer
Raúl Soto, Career Program Specialist
Christopher Stern, Senior Trainer
Tristan Thompson, Program Director
Jasmin Turcios, Trainer
Bryan Vazquez, Program Coordinator
Jonathan Wanless, Trainer

Posse Miami

Jeremy Rosenthal, Director
Anthony Abeja, Senior Trainer
John Manuel Alba-Cerritos, Senior Trainer
William De La Vera, Development Officer
Madelin Garcia, Trainer
Christiana Gema, Program Coordinator
Maydee Martinez, Program Director
Jake Paz, Trainer
Abygaelle St Jean, Assistant to the Director
Sarah Wilson, Career Program Specialist

Posse New Orleans

Sherdren Burnside, Director
Erica Berkowitz, Trainer
Justina Boyd, Senior Career Program Specialist
Gabrielle Carroll, Assistant to the Director
Ashleigh Green, Senior Trainer
Bantu Gross, Program Director
Janna Holderer, Trainer
Luke Murray, Development Officer
Dewey Sampson, Senior Trainer

Posse New York

Michell Tollinchi, Director
Monica Bastos, Career Program Specialist
Kaz Boschen, Program Director
Jezza Bull-Briones, Assistant to the Director
Posey Cohen, Trainer
Cecilia Costa da Luz, Program Coordinator
Rachelle Eason, Senior Trainer
Andrew Garcia, Trainer
Alexandra Gaynor, Senior Career Program Specialist
Morgen Littlejohn, Trainer
Bryan Lucero, Program Director
Paloma Mallan, Trainer
Jahery Paulino, Trainer
Serena Rodriguez, Trainer
Jomar Velez, Program Coordinator
Michael Williams, Senior Trainer

Posse Arts Program

Lester Alemán, Director, Posse Arts + Puerto Rico Programs
Maria Bures, Trainer
Shakema Cyrus, Program Director
Jacai Edwards, Trainer
Lazaro Galvez, Trainer
Natalie Romero, Trainer
Mar Santos, Career Program Specialist
Janyah Williams, Program Coordinator

Posse Veterans Program

Adam Lessuck, Director
Allison Alcena, Career Program Specialist
Linnea Drott, Program Coordinator
Samuel Finan, Veterans Support Specialist
Indigo Sage, Program Director

Posse Virtual Program

Aaron Henderson, Director
Kirsten Bourne, Career Program Specialist
Garrett Brown, Program Director
Toni-lee Brown, Program Coordinator
Jasmine Bruinooge, Senior Trainer
Jonatan Calvillo, Trainer
Arriana Covington, Senior Trainer
Nora Frias, Program Director
Whitney Herbert, Program Coordinator
Maurice Lemons, Trainer
Derlis Leyva, Trainer
Devin McDonald, Trainer
Enrique Ruiz, Trainer
Saúl Sandoval Navarrete, Career Program Specialist
Imoh Udoh-Warren, Trainer

Board of Directors & Advisory Boards

Donella Tamika Tamara Power Of 10 Dc 2017Our boards bring industry expertise and growth support to each of our cities and nationwide. Meet Posse’s board members.