Dickinson Posse 15
Dickinson Posse 15

New York

Est. 1989

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To date, New York Scholars have won $422.5 million scholarship dollars from New York partner colleges and universities.


New York is the birthplace of The Posse Foundation thanks to one student who said, “I never would’ve dropped out of college if I’d had my posse with me.” A generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation made Posse possible. Since then, Posse has grown into a national movement, with New York as its largest recruiting city.

Posse is grateful to the teachers, counselors and community leaders of New York City, who help us identify incredible high school students. We especially thank our partner colleges and universities for their investments in the program and belief in the promise of Posse Scholars.

Note: California Institute of the Arts recruits only students interested in majoring in the arts. As candidates advance through the selection process, an audition or portfolio will be required.

Posse New York Staff

Michell Tollinchi, Director
Monica Bastos, Career Program Specialist
Kaz Boschen, Program Director
Jezza Bull-Briones, Assistant to the Director
Lorena Cariño, Senior Trainer
Posey Cohen, Trainer
Rachelle Eason, Senior Trainer
Alexandra Gaynor, Career Program Specialist
Morgen Littlejohn, Trainer
Bryan Lucero, Program Director
Serena Rodriguez, Trainer
Jomar Velez, Program Coordinator
Michael Williams, Senior Trainer

New York Advisory Board

Steve Gallucci, Chair
Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor
Ellen Davis
Jason Ewell
Isabel Gómez Vidal
Natalee Graham
Asha Harvey
Chris Heffernan
David Kaul
Terrell Moore
Monique L. Nelson
Carlos G. Salcedo
Lee Ann Stevenson
Maggie Quinn Walker
Aparna Yenamadra
Tyler Zachem

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