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Est. 2012

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To date, Houston Scholars have won $92 million scholarship dollars from Houston partner colleges and universities.


The generosity of The Brown Family Foundation, Inc., The Houston Endowment, Inc. and The Kresge Foundation allowed Posse to expand to Houston. We were eager to bring the Posse movement to Texas and to a city with one of the country’s largest public school systems.

Posse is grateful to the teachers, counselors and community leaders of Houston, who help us identify incredible high school students. We especially thank our partner colleges and universities for their investments in the program and belief in the promise of Posse Scholars.

Posse Houston Staff

Zakiya Thomas, Director
Emily Arkin, Career Program Specialist
Halle Dure, Trainer
Celine Gandingco, Trainer
Hannah Ho, Trainer
Yuliza Lara, Trainer
Reine Lucas, Program Director
Crystal Orazu, Assistant to the Director
Hannah Randall, Development Officer
Samsara Davalos Reyes, Program Coordinator

Posse Houston Advisory Board

Forrest E. Wylie, Chair
Erin Asprec
Caroline Baker Hurley
James P. Baker
Bill Benitez
Bo Cassidy
Jason Jacobs
James P. Loucks
Khalid Muslih
Carmen Ng
Sabrina L. Olvera
Dan Pickering
Stephen Reed
Azalia A. Sprecher
Patti Wilkie Proietti

Houston Partner Colleges and Universities

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1001 McKinney Street
Suite 950
Houston, TX 77002
Tel: (832) 397-5399
Fax: (832) 397-5398
 [email protected]

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