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Est. 2000

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To date, Chicago Scholars have won $302.4 million scholarship dollars from Chicago partner colleges and universities.


Tim Ubben, now an emeritus member of the Posse Board of Directors and a graduate and trustee of DePauw University, wanted to bring Posse to the Windy City. He organized a generous group of five benefactors to establish the founding fund for Posse Chicago. The site opened its doors in 2000 with DePauw University, Denison University and Carleton College as its first partner schools.

Posse thanks Tim for his incredible generosity and vision.

We are grateful to the teachers, counselors and community leaders of Chicago, who help us identify incredible high school students. We especially thank our partner colleges and universities for their investments in the program and belief in the promise of Posse Scholars.

Posse Chicago Staff

Jennifer Tani, Director
Daisy Ayala, Trainer
Samantha Bahena, Career Program Specialist
Bailey Bagneris, Senior Trainer
Joselyn Campoverde, Trainer
Alex Garay, Trainer
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Program Director
Simon Jeffrey, Program Director
Gabriela Pantoja-Cortés, Trainer
Jada Shavers, Program Coordinator
Aida Shilwa, Career Program Specialist
Cecily Smith, Trainer
Caryn Turgeon, Development Director
Deandre Turton, Senior Trainer
Yliana Velazquez, Senior Trainer
Sage Willems, Program Coordinator

Posse Chicago Advisory Board

Julie Parsons, Chair
Rod Adams
Brenda Benitez
Robert G. Byron
Celeste Center
Robert Kaye
Geraldine Keefe
David Malcom
Viry Medina
Kim Metrick
Richard E. Meyers
Jim Pigott
Dr. Jeremy Rossman
Peter Saravis
Hon. Amy J. St. Eve
Edward T. Swan
Diane Swonk

Chicago Partner Colleges and Universities

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111 West Jackson Boulevard
Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: (312) 566-9790
Fax: (312) 566-9796
 [email protected]

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