Spring 2014| Posse Boston Quarterly


Denison Scholar Builds Community as Student Body President

Political science major Ana Morales’ successful campaign to become president of the Denison University Campus Governance Association, the highest campus leadership position, came as no surprise to those who know her. Motivated by her desire to help all Denison students be heard on campus, Ana was elected with 65 percent of the vote.

Drawing on her experience as a community organizer in her hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Ana centered her campaign on building community—reconnecting the campus, hosting more communal events, and facilitating constructive dialogue between students from all walks of life.

“As somebody who at first felt like they did not belong, I made Denison my community,” says Ana.

When Ana arrived at Denison in the fall of 2010, she turned to extracurricular activities to create a place for herself in an unfamiliar campus environment. She was involved with Denison’s Open House for Religious and Spiritual life, and, as her confidence grew, took on leadership roles in Residential Life and became an advisor in Safe Zone, a peer-counseling network that supports LGBT students.

In addition, Ana was involved with Sustained Dialogue, which creates a space for members of Denison’s community to discuss identity and diversity issues on campus.

“Sustained Dialogue gave me different perspectives of the diverse views on campus and all of the things that make Denison great,” says Ana.

Ana is looking forward to graduation in the spring and the opportunities that are to come. She plans to return to Massachusetts to work with the communities that have shaped her. 

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