Newly selected Scholars with Posse New Orleans Director Sherdren Burnside (center left) and Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial (center right).

Posse New Orleans Celebrates New Scholars

Spring 2024 | New Orleans

Picture this: the phone rings, anticipation fills the air, and then, life-changing news is delivered. Forty-two high school seniors across the New Orleans area recently experienced just such a moment as they learned they had earned a four-year full-tuition scholarship to a top-tier university.

The Posse Awards Ceremony was held at the National World War II Museum on January 4th. Representatives from Posse’s university partners, families, local educators, and community leaders joined in celebrating the achievements of these outstanding students. This year’s Scholar selection also marks a significant milestone for Posse New Orleans, which has now garnered over $100 million in scholarships for local students since its inception in 2011.

Posse Scholars have enriched our university community and thrived as leaders on campus.

Villanova President Rev. Peter Donohue

Posse New Orleans collaborates with five esteemed universities: Case Western Reserve University, Providence College, Tulane University, Texas A&M University and Villanova University. Nationally, Posse partners with 67 top-tier colleges and universities, drawn to its proven model for nurturing young leaders.

This year’s class of selected Scholars includes the inaugural cohort of Scholars for Providence College and the fifth cohort of Scholars for Villanova University, who will graduate their first cohort of Scholars this May.

Reflecting on Villanova University’s partnership with Posse, President Rev. Peter Donohue remarked, "Posse Scholars have enriched our university community and thrived as leaders on campus."

Posse recruits, trains and supports deserving young leaders who may be missed by traditional college admissions processes. Since 2011, Posse New Orleans has selected over 400 Scholars from local communities.