Posse is not a program. It’s a movement.

Vanderbilt Chancellor Emeritus Joe B. Wyatt once called Posse a movement.
Today, Posse’s social justice mission has been embraced by its 57 partner institutions. Posse partner colleges and universities are helping to transform the landscape of leadership in the United States by committing critical resources to diversifying their campuses, making their climates more welcoming to all students, and ensuring that Posse Scholars graduate with the finest education in the country.

A Commitment to Leadership + Diversity

The Posse Foundation thanks its partner colleges and universities for their continued support of The Posse Program. These institutions have awarded millions of dollars in leadership scholarships to Posse Scholars across the country as part of their ongoing efforts to promote equity in higher education while honoring the highest academic standards. Their investment in Posse is a testament to the belief that the next generation of leaders should embody the diverse interests, backgrounds and perspectives that so uniquely characterize the American experience.

PossePlus Retreat Report

Download the 2013 Report on Class, Power and Privilege

Expanding the Pool

Posse recognizes the considerable challenges facing selective colleges and universities that are committed to broadening educational access for underrepresented groups. Limited resources force institutions to compete for diverse students from a finite pool of applicants who meet the traditional admissions criteria. Posse offers its partner colleges and universities a holistic, cost-effective way to supplement their regular admissions processes by identifying top-notch students from diverse backgrounds who might otherwise be overlooked. Through partnerships with Posse, these schools are expanding the pool of qualified applicants and, in so doing, helping to realize our most cherished educational ideals.

President Robert Oden, Carleton College Featured President

Carleton’s President Oden sat down and shared a few words about Posse at Carleton.Watch the Interview

partner schools

Posse is partnered with some of the best colleges and universities in the nation.

Video Testimonials

Our partner college and university VIPs tackle frequently asked questions about the partnership and program impact. Learn about their perspectives on costs, diversity, leadership, the liaison and mentor roles and reasons why they partner with Posse.

Latest News

​Veterans Scholars Intern at Moody’s & Federal Reserve

Fall 2016

Veterans Program Scholars Patrick Hood and Brian Barkman Jr. were hired for prestigious summer internships in New York City at Moody’s and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, respectively.

​Vassar Scholar Awarded Business Venture Fellowship

Fall 2016

Eduardo De La Torre, a senior Veteran Posse Scholar, was awarded Vassar College’s Rudnick Fellowship, which provides financial support for Vassar College students pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

​Wesleyan Scholar Gives Back as Mentor, Peer Advisor

Fall 2016

Scholar Michael Smith, who served in the Army Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve, provides support to refugees, mentors at a local school, serves as a peer advisor, and was selected to serve on the Student Judicial Board.

​Five Vets Scholars Selected from Northern Virginia Community College

Fall 2016

This fall, five former students of Northern Virginia Community College will attend Dartmouth College, Vassar College and Wesleyan University with their Posses.

​Bucknell, Grinnell Alumni Win Fulbrights

Fall 2016

Two 2016 graduates, Manisha Chase and Jermaine Stewart-Webb, were awarded Fulbright Fellowships for graduate research and teaching, respectively.