Summer 2016| Posse Alumni Quarterly


Wooster Alum Gives Back to Posse

The College of Wooster Posse alumnus Kenneth Perry Jr.

Kenneth Perry Jr. may have graduated from The College of Wooster in 2013, but this alumnus has remained engaged with Posse Atlanta. He has volunteered at DAP, spoken at Posse events, and he regularly participates in the Posse Olympics, career workshops and fundraising events.

“Kenneth has always wanted to give back to Posse and always asks, ‘How can I help?’” says Posse Atlanta Director Zenith Houston.

Kenneth describes his commitment to giving back as “each one teach one,” meaning that he wants to ensure other young leaders benefit from the academic and professional opportunities he has had thanks to Wooster and Posse. To this end, he has helped Posse evaluate prospective Scholars as a DAP volunteer for the past two years.

“Posse saw something in me beyond my grades," Kenneth says. "Being selected as a Scholar was a beacon of hope and volunteering is a way for me to give that experience and opportunity to others."

Currently, Kenneth is a program assistant at C5 Georgia Youth Foundation, a Posse Career Program partner. He plans to found his own nonprofit organization to use theater and art as educational tools in urban schools.

Posse offers a number of opportunities for alumni to give back to the organization and help current Scholars succeed, including serving as a DAP volunteer, resume coach, or writing coach. Please contact the Posse office in your city for more information on how you can volunteer!

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