Summer 2013| Posse Chicago Quarterly


White House Science Fair Welcomes Cornell Scholar

Anthony Halmon, a member of Cornell University’s first Posse, was one of 100 youth from across the country invited to meet President Obama at the fourth annual White House Science Fair this May. Anthony presented his invention—the Thermofier, a pacifier with a built-in thermometer—to a national audience; he was interviewed by many media outlets, including MSNBC.

“Being at the White House and meeting President Obama was unbelievable,” said Anthony. “It’s a great feeling when all your hard work pays off.”

As a student at Perspectives Charter School, Anthony developed his idea for the Thermofier through his school’s partnership with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship program. He was inspired to create the Thermofier for his daughter who continually battled fevers as an infant.

“The experience of inventing something really taught me patience and discipline, and, most important, how to rebuild from failures,” said Anthony.

This summer Anthony will be working with a patent attorney to get the Thermofier on the market before he matriculates at Cornell with his Posse in the fall. 

“Posse is so much more than just a scholarship,” said Anthony.  “Posse is providing me with an opportunity for an excellent education and a support system that will help me overcome any challenges.”

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