Fall 2016| Posse Veterans Quarterly


​Vassar Scholar Awarded Business Venture Fellowship

Vassar Veterans Posse Scholar Eduardo De La Torre.

Eduardo De La Torre, a senior Veteran Posse Scholar, was awarded Vassar College’s Rudnick Fellowship, which provides financial support for Vassar College students pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Eduardo is creating a business model to address the economic needs of disabled veterans.

Eduardo spent the summer developing his business model and taking accounting classes in New York City to build his knowledge of financial models and banking.

“Through this venture, we’re working to support disabled veterans who are in financial distress by providing education and financial assistance," says Eduardo. "Our goal is to continue to grow and become a small community bank, supporting other underserved communities and helping them improve their financial literacy.”

Eduardo has been developing his interest and experience in the financial arena on and off campus. This past year, he served on Vassar’s Student Finance Committee, where he supported the reallocation of student organization funding and conducted budget audits. And last summer he earned an internship at Bloomberg, where he worked on the fundamental analysis team responsible for reviewing and analyzing financial data.

In 2017, Eduardo will graduate from the Science, Technology and Society Program at Vassar. His thesis will explore the ways that economic technology influences society. 

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