Fall 2013| Posse Houston Quarterly


Successful Houston Entrepreneur Partners with Posse

Posse Houston Advisory Board member Forrest Wylie.

As president of Wylie Ventures LLC, a personal investment company, Forrest Wylie focuses on agriculture, cattle operations, hunting and fishing. As a member of Posse Houston’s Advisory Board, he is also focused on education and opportunity.

“I worked my way through college and graduate school,” says Forrest. “I know what a good education can do for a life.”

Forrest received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston, University Park, and his M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. He went on to consult for Deloitte and Touche and work for energy organizations, including American Exploration Company, Transocean Offshore, Engage Energy U.S., El Paso Merchant Energy, NuCoastal Corporation, Pacific Energy Partners and Buckeye Partners.

Forrest joined the Posse Houston Advisory Board in 2012 after an initial meeting with Dan Pickering, the co-president of Tudor, Pickering & Holt and the advisory board chair. Posse’s mission to develop young leaders struck a chord for Forrest, who easily recognized the value of leadership to corporate employers.

“Of course we look at education and technical skills, but we also heavily focus on leadership and teamwork,” says Forrest.

In addition to his work with Wylie Ventures and Posse, Forrest is a consultant and co-investor for private equity firms and sits on four public boards: Coastal Energy Company, Buckeye Partners, Cross Group Inc. and USA Compression.

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