Fall 2013| Posse Boston Quarterly


State Street Partnership Thrives

Over the years, State Street Corporation has provided vital, comprehensive support to Posse Boston. In addition to generous financial contributions, State Street provides internship opportunities for Posse Scholars as well as space and volunteers for Posse events.

State Street gave Posse Boston its first grant award in 2000, and State Street continues to provide generous funding through grant awards and event sponsorship. For three years State Street sponsored the annual Awards Ceremony and, since 2011, has sponsored Power of 10, Posse’s signature annual fundraising event.

State Street has hosted seven large-group interviews for the Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP), Posse’s unique Scholar selection method, and countless State Street volunteers support staff in the selection process. State Street employees have also served as writing coaches, working with Scholars in training to develop their written communication skills.

State Street professionals also provide leadership on the Posse Boston Advisory Board. State Street Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer Paul Selian has served as the board’s chair for the past three years. Edward G. Smith, a senior vice president at State Street and director of the Basel Program, joined the Posse Boston Advisory Board earlier this year.

“At State Street, we invest in Posse because it has shown consistent, measurable results over a protracted period of time,” says Paul. “With Posse we have access to an outstanding cadre of students from diverse backgrounds. Our hope is that these young people will become part of the future leadership of our firm.”

Over the past five years, 13 Posse Boston Scholars have spent their summers at State Street receiving professional development and mentorship, and six alumni have been hired by State Street for full-time employment. In addition, the State Street Black Professionals Group formed a partnership with Posse Boston in 2010, facilitating professional development events and leading workshops on networking, leadership styles in the workplace, and cultivating professional mentors.

Sharhea Wade, a Posse graduate of Bryn Mawr College, interned at State Street while she was a Scholar and is now a full-time credit analyst. She also volunteers with Posse Boston through the State Street Black Professionals group.

“As an alumna I know the impact Posse can have on an individual’s future,” Sharhea says. “That’s why I take the time to continue to promote the Foundation to everyone at State Street.”

Posse Boston is incredibly grateful to State Street for its robust and successful partnership.

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