Fall 2016| Posse Houston Quarterly


​SIM-Houston Supports STEM Scholars

The Houston chapter of the Society of Information Management (SIM-Houston) awarded Posse Houston a $10,000 grant in May 2016 in support of Texas A&M University’s STEM Posses. The Scholars in these Posses major in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

SIM-Houston recognizes the need for increasing participation from underrepresented groups in the STEM disciplines in order to address the challenges of tomorrow’s global economy and believe it is an issue critical to the nation’s continued competitiveness.

“Posse Houston is thrilled to establish a new partnership with SIM-Houston in support of our STEM Scholars who are doing incredible things on campus,” says Posse Houston Director Kamari Brewer.

The fourth TAMU STEM Posse joins 30 STEM Scholars already on campus this fall. Posse Houston is currently recruiting the fifth TAMU STEM Posse and the first for new partner Wellesley College. 

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