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Scholar Wins DePauw University’s Prestigious Walker Cup

Sandy Tran with the DePauw University Walker Cup.

Sandy Tran, a 2014 graduate of DePauw University, was selected by the senior class to receive the Walker Cup. The award is presented annually to the member of the senior class who “shall be determined to have done the most for DePauw during his or her college course.” DePauw President Brian W. Casey presented Sandy with the award.

"Sandy saw a need for a conversation that hadn't happened here, and she created space for that conversation to happen,” said Dr. Casey. “She changed DePauw this year and she's going to change many things in her life, and she's going to create that change through her palpable grace and her welcoming intelligence."

While on campus, Sandy was a presidential ambassador, a mediator for the Restorative Justice Association, and a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma. She also contributed more than 1,500 hours of service as a Bonner Scholar by volunteering at organizations such as the Greencastle Housing Authority.

“Before coming to DePauw I had no idea what my life would be like,” says Sandy. “I didn’t even think college would be for me until I received the Posse Scholarship.”

Sandy also took advantage of Posse’s Career Program by completing numerous internships. She interned at Monarch School, Posse Chicago and Jones Lang LaSalle.

Sandy graduated with a degree in conflict studies and has been accepted into the Teach For America program in Hawaii. Ultimately, she hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a career in diversity and inclusion practices.

“I came to DePauw feeling very closed-minded and intimidated. I had no idea what my potential was,” says Sandy. “My Posse challenged me as well as opened up their arms to support me, and much of my success is because of Posse.”

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