Winter 2014| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


Scholar Discovers Legal Passion through Internship

Tulane University Scholar Carlos Abarca discovered his passion for legal advocacy as a criminal investigation intern at the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, a nonprofit law office whose advocacy helps young people achieve their legal and life goals.

“When I first started I was a bit intimidated,” Carlos says. “But Posse prepared me and I was able to step up and talk to my supervisor if I had an idea or to run through a situation with a lawyer.”

Carlos, an economics major, is gaining a unique perspective by experiencing how social workers, youth advocates and lawyers all work together. For over a year, he has collected data for the lawyers assigned to each juvenile’s case by canvassing and interviewing witnesses. His work has established a primary database that will serve the center into the future.

Carlos appreciates the holistic approach of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights and this internship has awakened his own passion for protecting human rights. Having grown up in a gang-ridden neighborhood in East Los Angeles, he feels a connection to these young people.

“They don’t live in the best neighborhoods or go to the best schools,” Carlos says. “I’ve been in their shoes. This is the reason I want to go to law school.” 

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