Summer 2015| Posse Boston Quarterly


Reebok Models Comprehensive Posse Partnership

From left: Jessica Russo, NCAA sports marketing manager, Adidas Group; Bowdoin College Posse alumnus Dudney Sylla; Hamilton College Posse alumna Rita Train; Union College Posse alumnus Alvaro Peters.

Reebok, the international athletic footwear and apparel company headquartered just outside of Boston, is a consistent and vital supporter of Posse Scholars.

Since 2007, Reebok has provided 15 Posse Scholars with engaging internships at their global corporate headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts. These internships, focused on human resources and marketing, give Scholars the opportunity to experience working at an international retail giant.

From the very beginning of its partnership with Posse, Reebok sought to work with the organization in a holistic way. Not only has Reebok been a Career Program partner for eight years, but it has also provided critical funding to support The Posse Foundation locally. Since its first gift to Posse in 2007, Reebok and the Reebok Foundation have provided more than $75,000 to support Posse Scholars. Recently, Reebok signed on as a sponsor of the 2015 Power of 10 event, its eighth year as a Posse Boston event sponsor.

Reebok’s partnership with Posse Boston is a consistent and excellent resource for its entire community of Scholars. Posse Boston, and all of Posse nation, is incredibly grateful for Reebok’s generosity and support.

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