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Principal at Monitor Deloitte Joins Boston Advisory Board

Posse Boston Advisory Board member Geoff Tuff, a principal at Monitor Deloitte.

Geoff Tuff, a principal at Monitor Deloitte, joined the Posse Boston Advisory Board in the spring of 2014. Since joining Monitor in 1992, he has worked with diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products, financial services and telecommunications. His defining focus has always been helping companies to grow—a dedication that he also brings to Posse.

“Geoff is a key supporter and a strong believer in our work,” says Posse Boston Director Andy Gallagher. “We're excited to have his leadership on our advisory board and we're grateful for his commitment.”

For the past two years, Geoff has coached Scholars on career planning and personal branding during Deloitte’s Impact Day, a national day of volunteering observed by all Deloitte offices.

“I had been hearing about Posse for several years, but I was completely blown away once I started interacting with the Scholars,” says Geoff. “I couldn’t have imagined students so excited about the opportunities they had and their commitment to making the most of them. When one Scholar promised to hold on to my business card so that he could give me first rights to invest in his businesses in the future, I knew I was dealing with a pretty special bunch of people.”

Geoff has helped design methodologies related to driving profitable growth for clients of Monitor Deloitte for more than 20 years. Prior to becoming a principal at Monitor Deloitte, he was senior partner at Monitor Group and a member of its global board of directors. He has a B.A. in English literature and creative writing from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, graduating from both institutions with honors.

Posse Boston is thrilled to add Geoff's insight, leadership and enthusiasm to the advisory a board.

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