Spring 2017| Posse Veterans Quarterly


Posse Veterans Program Welcomes New Class of Scholars

In January, three new Posses for the Veterans Program were welcomed to Vassar College, Wesleyan University and Dartmouth College. The groups mark the fifth Posse for Vassar, fourth for Wesleyan and second for Dartmouth.

The new Scholars, along with family and friends attended the fifth annual Posse Veterans Program Awards Ceremony in New York City. Posse board members, on-campus Posse Scholars and college and university representatives were also in attendance to celebrate the occasion.

The Posse Veterans Program is a national program, with Scholars recruited from across the country. Members of the new class traveled from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Texas and everywhere in between to attend the culminating ceremony.

In preparation for their upcoming transition to campus, the Veteran Scholars will return to New York City this summer for a rigorous Pre-Collegiate Training Program. They will matriculate to their respective campuses in the fall, bringing with them a diversity of perspectives and interests, along with military experiences from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

The Posse Veterans Program has grown exponentially since its inception in 2012, having selected over 100 Scholars thus far. The first Veterans Posse will graduate from Vassar College this spring. 

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