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Posse Thanks Outgoing Wheaton VP for Commitment to Diversity

Gail Berson, the outgoing vice president for enrollment and marketing at Wheaton College.

For 15 years Posse Scholars from New York have flourished at Wheaton College, a first-rate liberal arts institution in Norton, Massachusetts. The successful partnership is built on a shared commitment to evaluating student potential using holistic methods. It is an approach Gail Berson, Wheaton’s outgoing vice president for enrollment and marketing, has long embraced and championed.

“Wheaton values diversity by all measures: geography, gender, academic interest, race and ethnicity,” says Gail. “It only follows that Posse Scholars add to this wonderful, diverse tapestry where their experiences and observations on the world contribute to the discussion in and out of the classroom.”

With a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a master’s from Emerson College, Gail has built her career in college admissions at Wheaton, the University of San Francisco and Mills College. In her role at Wheaton, she oversaw admissions, financial aid and web strategy, among many other areas. She is also an elected trustee of the College Board.

“I consider myself lucky every day to have chosen the right career and the right place to make a difference in the lives of bright, ambitious students from across the country and around the world,” says Gail.

“Gail has long been a passionate advocate for Posse Scholars at Wheaton,” says Derron Wallace, Posse’s national director of graduate and fellowship programs and a Wheaton Posse alumnus. “Posse Scholars have greatly benefited from Gail’s leadership and unwavering belief in our ability to succeed. I and my Wheaton peers are forever grateful.”

“Posse Scholars from Wheaton are winners of the Fulbright, Watson, Marshall and Gates awards,” says Posse Chief Operating Officer Matthew Fasciano. “Those achievements are as much a testament to the abilities of the students as they are to Wheaton’s culture of academic exploration.”

Gail is succeeded by Grant Gosselin, who, for the past eight years, has served as the dean of admissions at Babson College—another longstanding Posse partner institution. In addition, Dennis Hanno, provost and senior vice president at Babson College, has been named the new president of Wheaton College and will succeed current president and Posse national board member Ronald Crutcher in July.

The Posse Foundation looks forward to continuing the legacy of Scholar success at Wheaton College.

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