Summer 2017| Posse New Orleans Quarterly


Posse New Orleans Hosts Alumni Induction

Posse Program Director Prisca Washington presents a mural to new alumna Jayde Davis.

This past June, Posse New Orleans celebrated the graduation of Posse Scholars from Bard College and Tulane University at the second annual Alumni Induction at Casa Borrega. The event was co-sponsored by Entergy and Casa Borrega.

Graduates from Bard and Tulane were welcomed into the national Posse alumni network with family members, supporters and Posse alumni present. Entergy Senior Vice President of Human Resources Andrea Rowley addressed the new graduates and their guests, relaying the business community’s excitement about the Scholars’ promising futures.

Posse National Alumni Advisory Council representative Emily Cardinas encouraged the new alumni to continue engaging with and benefiting from Posse resources.

“Posse has the power to connect you with a bright future because you all have the potential to change the workplace and the world around you,” Emily said. “As the alumni community from this amazing city continues to grow, know that our network of supporters will grow as well.”

New Posse graduates join a network of over 4,000 other Posse alumni around the country.

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