Spring 2015| Posse Boston Quarterly


Posse Boston Grows Career Coaching Program

Posse Boston’s Career Coaching Program, an initiative that began in 2012 to connect Scholars and alumni with industry-leading professionals and mentors, continues to gain strength. Career coaches have provided more than 40 Posse Boston Scholars and alumni with support as they transition from being leaders on campus to leaders in the workforce.

“The Career Coaching program is a further extension of the many great programs that Posse has established over the years for Scholars and alumni,” says career coach Paul Quistberg, the chief investment officer at Bank of America Global Capital Management and a Posse Boston Advisory Board member. “I find it very rewarding to help, in a very small way, such intelligent, motivated and appreciative mentees.”

Coaches, who are successful professionals with a range of expertise in many industries, meet individually with Scholars and alumni to provide support in academic decisions, help identify career paths, improve resumes and interview skills, and provide valuable advice.

“Working with my coach has truly been life-changing," says Union College Scholar Melissa Rodriguez. "He has opened my eyes to new ideas, is there every step of the way to execute new plans, and is always there to give me a good pep talk when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with him."

Career coaches range from attorneys to world-renowned choreographers to CEOs of investment companies and beyond. These diverse connections allow Posse Boston to match Scholars and alumni with professionals from an array of fields, catering to their aspirations and career goals.

“The energy, passion, creativity and drive of Posse Scholars have always inspired me, and given me great optimism for our collective future,” says career coach Marijane Benner Browne, the director of lateral Partner Recruiting at Ropes & Gray LLP. “I am thrilled to be working with my Scholar and hope to make a meaningful contribution to her as she embarks on her career; but, based on past experience, I have no doubt that I will receive even more in return.”

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