Spring 2016| Posse Miami Quarterly


Pomona Biology Major Represents STEM Program

A member of Pomona College’s first STEM Posse, Zhaoqi Huang is immersing himself in the college’s science community during his first year. He is majoring in biology, with an economics minor, and is a lab assistant in the microbiology lab.

“I’ve always felt like biology is the perfect fit for me because there is so much to discover as science is still developing,” says Zhaoqi.

Being a part of a STEM Posse provides Zhaoqi with a support system he can rely on. During the semester he and other members in his Posse seek each other out, even though they are often taking different classes.

“While having a STEM Posse doesn’t make the workload easier, it does ensure that I won’t go through the process alone,” says Zhaoqi.

Outside of the classroom, Zhaoqi serves on the Student Government First Year Committee. And as the fundraising chair of the Medlife Committee, he helped organize fundraisers for an annual trip to Peru to help underprivileged communities establish basic sanitary practices.

“I’m proud to be part of the Pomona community,” Zhaoqi says. “The student body is engaging and thoughtful, and the professors are passionate about teaching.”

Driven, focused, and ambitious, Zhaoqi, is planning to go to medical school one day. While shadowing doctors at the University of Miami Hospital last year, he gained a deeper understanding of the medical profession and a desire to work in patient care. This summer, though, he plans to continue his work in the molecular biology lab. 

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