Summer 2014| Posse Miami Quarterly


Mount Holyoke Scholar Starts Trauma Research

A junior psychology major at Mount Holyoke College, Scholar Kala Jones is positioning herself on the Ph.D. track. This summer, she is a lab assistant on campus and she will also launch her own study to explore the intersection between trauma and cognitive abilities.

“I’ve always had an interest in trauma and its impact on children,” says Kala. “Most research focuses on parents’ interpretations of their child’s response, but I would love to incorporate more of the child’s voice.”

Kala’s experience studying abroad in New Zealand at the University of Otago taught her to incorporate diverse cultural viewpoints in her critical thinking and assessments of social issues. Her senior thesis will explore how different cultures cope with trauma, specifically focusing on people who have witnessed or experienced the loss of a parent.

“Having different research opportunities has really challenged me to think about my own upcoming research plan and design,” says Kala.

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