Fall 2013| Posse New York Quarterly


Moody’s Managing Director Advocates for Posse

Moody’s Managing Director Maggie Quinn Walker.

With over 20 years of experience in the business world, Moody’s Managing Director Maggie Quinn Walker knows the value of diversity when it comes to finding solutions. When she learned about The Posse Foundation from Fran Laserson, the president of Moody’s Foundation, Maggie felt her approach to management dovetailed perfectly with Posse’s mission.

“Posse signifies leadership, diversity and education—things which have always been extremely significant for me,” says Maggie. “In order to change the face of leadership in America, it’s imperative that we incorporate diversity into the leadership of this country.”

Maggie joined the Posse New York Advisory Board last fall. She is dedicated to strengthening support for the Posse program, ensuring that Posse New York will continue to thrive and help talented young leaders get the college education they deserve.

Moody’s hosted the first Awards Ceremony for members of the inaugural Vassar College Veterans Posse. Maggie was moved by the excitement of the veterans and their appreciation of and commitment to this opportunity.

“The groundwork that’s been laid with high school students is very important,” says Maggie. “Now, we can recognize other groups that are underrepresented and could benefit from the Posse program.” 

A passionate supporter of Posse, Maggie champions the value of diversity and the positive influence it can have on corporate culture and the country as a whole.

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