Winter 2014| Posse Houston Quarterly


Houston Scholar Gets Involved at UT Austin

With just one semester under her belt, Alex Jones, a member of the first Posse to attend The University of Texas at Austin, has already joined the university’s television channel, a nondenominational youth ministry group, and the competitive campus cheer squad.

“It’s important to me to be actively participating on campus and pursuing my interests outside of the classroom,” says Alex, a radio-television-film major who is working as a production assistant for the campus television channel. “I want to leave my mark here, bridging cultural differences so we can all learn from each other.”

As Alex forges her own path at the university, her Posse members are doing the same. With busy schedules and varied interests, the group makes sure to communicate regularly so they can quickly mobilize to support each other.

“It’s incredible to have these nine people who understand where I come from,” Alex says. “They are truly my support system.”

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