Fall 2013| Posse Houston Quarterly


Houston Posses Experience First Summer Retreat

Posse Houston hosted its inaugural Summer Retreat for Scholars who matriculated at Bryn Mawr College, Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin this fall. At The Retreat at Artesian Lakes, located an hour north of Houston, Scholars and their Posses spent two days bonding with each other, their on-campus faculty mentors, and Posse staff.

In Pre-Collegiate Training, Scholars develop skills related to team building, cross-cultural communication, leadership and academic excellence. The Summer Retreat offers Posses an opportunity to put some of those lessons to the test while getting to know their mentors, whom they will meet with on campus individually and for weekly group meetings.

Posses worked together with their mentors to conquer many challenges, including a ropes course. Incredibly, all 10 members of the Texas A&M University Posse and their mentor elected to jump from a 30-foot pole to grab a metal ring hanging in the air. The Posse decided the activity was symbolic of them receiving their class rings before college graduation.

These accomplishments are defining moments for Posses, invigorating and challenging them to support each other as they prepare to embark on four years of college.

“This was something they will never forget,” says Posse Houston Director Kamari Brewer. “They will always have this experience to remind them of the support they have in each other.”

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