Fall 2016| Posse New Orleans Quarterly


​Entergy Prepares New Orleans Scholars for Success

Entergy Senior Vice President Don Vinci is a member of the Posse New Orleans advisory board.

Entergy, the New Orleans-headquartered Fortune 500 energy provider, is a key supporter of Posse New Orleans. Since 2011, the company has provided financial support and volunteers, hired Scholars for internships, and sponsored events.

This summer at the Internship Kickoff, Entergy employees from five departments—engineering, finance, project management, public affairs, and talent management—spoke to Scholars about career opportunities in their field and helped Scholars hone their informational interviewing skills. Entergy employees have also volunteered during Posse’s Dynamic Assessment Process, as writing coaches, and as career coaches.

Posse is very grateful for Entergy’s investment in Posse New Orleans and everything they do to make college and career success possible for Scholars and alumni.

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