Spring 2014| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


City of Los Angeles’ Revenue Manager Advocates for Posse

Posse Los Angeles Leadership Council member Monique Earl, the revenue manager for the City of Los Angeles.

As revenue manager for the City of Los Angeles, Monique Earl understands the economic impact of education. She is a strong advocate for Posse as a member of the Posse Los Angeles Leadership Council, a professional mentor for Scholars, and she was instrumental in the planning of Posse’s successful Casino Night fundraiser in 2013.

“Today, more than ever, the road to and through college seems riddled with impediments for so many students,” says Monique. “Posse helps to break down these barriers and provide kids with an opportunity that would not have otherwise existed.”

A native of California, Monique began her college career at Jackson State University in Mississippi, but left after one semester from homesickness.

“If there were an organization like Posse to help me with the transition, I am certain I would not have returned home,” says Monique, who later graduated from California State University.

Today, Monique oversees the collection of more than $100 million in taxes and fees, manages contracts for the City’s collection agencies and directs IT systems, data collection and statistical analysis of citywide account receivables. Prior to this, she was appointed by former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to direct the city’s budget and worked with the mayor to find solutions to Los Angeles’ toughest fiscal challenges.

“When a large percentage of minority and low-income high school students are graduating without the standard courses needed to get into college, there is a fundamental problem with the system,” says Monique. “Posse is needed to highlight the challenges associated with these issues and to help level the playing field.”

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