Fall 2014| Posse Chicago Quarterly


Carleton Alumna Completes Watson Fellowship

Carleton College Posse graduate and Thomas J. Watson Fellow Robin Wonsley completed her year of independent research earlier this year. She studied reintegration programs for women who have been incarcerated in Manitoba, Canada; Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia; and Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I now understand why this fellowship is characterized as an opportunity of a lifetime,” says Robin. “I had the freedom to explore all elements of international criminal justice reform and acquire insight from professionals, activists and scholars who are on the ground, day after day, carrying out this profound work.”

The Watson Fellowship offers college graduates of “unusual promise” a year of independent, international exploration and travel to foster their participation in the world community.

“Similar to Posse, the Watson requires academic excellence, but also initiative and leadership as you travel the world to pursue your passion and develop a more globalized understanding of the social, political and economic issues in these countries,” says Robin.

Upon returning to the United States, Robin joined the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota as a program coordinator. She plans to return to graduate school to continue her research in international peace and conflict studies.

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