Spring 2014| Posse New York Quarterly


Bloomberg Executive Champions Posse

Iyan Adewuya, the global head of corporate solutions and equity capital markets products at Bloomberg L.P., knows that the combination of a quality college education and mentoring is a recipe for success. As a member of the Posse New York Advisory Board, he is an exceptional advocate for Posse and is especially aware of the importance of diversity in the workforce.

“College should be a real-life laboratory,” says Iyan. “In life, you will work with people who don’t look like you, who don’t agree with you, or may have different values. Without diversity the college campus doesn’t fulfill its role as a mini-laboratory of the real world and you don’t get educated, you get schooled.” 

Growing up in Manila, Iyan noticed that many of his friends who were just as smart and hardworking as he were not going on to college. Posse’s ability to identify and nurture diverse young people with enormous potential appealed to Iyan, who first learned about the program through Bloomberg.

“These kids need mentors to guide them,” Iyan says. “Posse makes it its business to address this gap in education. Mentoring Scholars before, during and after college, while connecting them with a strong network of mentors and employers—that’s the Posse X factor.”

Iyan looks forward to continuing his work with Posse, ensuring that Scholars learn the value of persisting and graduating from college, growing their networks, being resources to each other, and changing the face of leadership.

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