Spring 2015| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


Berkeley Scholar Examines Youth Culture, Rural Development in Honduras

Rajan Hoyle, a senior Posse Scholar and urban studies major at the University of California, Berkeley, researched youth perceptions of Garifuna communities of Honduras. This spring, he presented his findings to peers and faculty at Berkeley. 

Supported by a scholarship from the Judith Lee Stronach Foundation, Rajan’s study found an acute social and spatial consciousness among the youth, with whom he discussed social issues such as electricity deficiencies, home ownership, teen pregnancy, apathy, and the need for more community organizing.

Rajan is planning to return to Honduras after graduation to build a regional geographic information system for 11 Garifuna communities. He also plans to compile a series of short-form multimedia interviews with local youth to help shed light on the many issues caused by persistent poverty.

In addition to his research, Rajan’s own Garifuna-Honduran roots contributed to the creation of an organization called G.O.A.L. (Gifts of Affection and Laughter) with a fellow Berkeley classmate to increase equity, opportunity and representation of indigenous communities of the African diaspora.

“This serves as a reminder to the organization and to community members that if collective efforts are to be sustainable, they must stem from a place of love and empathy,” says Rajan.

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