Summer 2015| Posse Boston Quarterly


Alumni Join Boston Advisory Board

Denison University Posse alumna Sakeenah Chapman.

Denison University Posse alumnus Kidus Mezgebu.

Posse alumni Kidus Mezgebu and Sakeenah Chapman were elected to represent Boston on the Posse National Alumni Advisory Council (PNAAC), a non-governing body that comprises alumni representatives from all Posse chapters. As PNAAC representatives, Kidus and Sakeenah will serve on the Posse Boston Advisory Board while also energizing the local alumni community through volunteer opportunities, philanthropy, professional development and events.

“As Posse alumni continue to build a larger and stronger leadership network in Boston and across the country, they play a vital role in Posse’s growth,” says Posse Boston Director Andy Gallagher. “I can’t wait to see where Kidus and Sakeenah can take this incredible community in the next few years.”

Kidus grew up in Cambridge and graduated from Denison University in 2012 with a B.A. in psychology. He has spent time working at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, both as a faculty assistant and a research assistant. Next year, he will begin a master’s degree program at Harvard, focusing on education policy and management. Kidus has been heavily involved in Posse Boston’s Alumni Professional Development Committee, a group of alumni who volunteer to put together career-focused workshops for the Boston alumni community. Kidus is also a regular Dynamic Assessment Process volunteer.

Sakeenah, also a 2012 graduate of Denison University, grew up in Jamaica Plain and is now a kindergarten teacher at the Patrick Lyndon Pilot School in West Roxbury. After graduating with a degree in black studies and communications, she joined Teach For America, earning her master’s in elementary education and teaching from Boston University while teaching kindergarten. Sakeenah volunteers as a writing coach for Denison Scholars in training and helped organize Posse Boston’s Alumni Professional Development Committee.

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