Fall 2014| Posse Atlanta Quarterly


BU Scholar Promoted to Campus News Editor

Boston University Scholar Drew Schwartz immersed himself in his campus community through journalism, his chosen major. Within a month of his first year, he had a byline on the front page of the university’s independent student newspaper, The Daily Free Press, and by year’s end he was promoted to campus news editor.

“My primary role is to generate ideas for our content, and crucial to that is spending face time with students, leaders, faculty members and administrators,” says Drew, now a sophomore, who covers student government, issues related to international students, and the impact of administrative decisions on the student population.

With experience as a news editor and editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, Drew is no stranger to the demands of producing a quality paper while also staying on track academically. In addition to having more than 20 published pieces for The Daily Free Press, Drew earned an impressive 3.83 GPA during his first year at BU.

“I’m not exactly sure what kind of journalism I want to be doing when I leave college or where I could see myself working, but I know that I’ll never stop telling stories,” says Drew. “All that matters to me is to be able to continue to learn about people I’ve never encountered before and try to communicate to my readers why they should be interested in the plights and achievements of interesting and inspiring people.”

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