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​2016 Graduates Begin Careers, Graduate Programs

This year nearly 100 Scholars from Chicago graduated from top colleges and universities, joining a national Posse Alumni Network of thousands. These bright, ambitious and accomplished graduates are embarking on exceptional careers and beginning advanced degree programs. We are excited to share some of the post-graduation plans of the 2016 graduates, Posse Chicago’s largest cohort to date.

Donald Abram, Pomona College
Major: Politics
Post-Graduation Plans: Master of Divinity, Harvard University

Mohammad “Moe” Alawadeh, Trinity College
Major: Economics
Post-Graduation Plans: Global Data Analyst, Bloomberg

Todd Campbell, Jr., Carleton College
Major: Religion
Post-Graduation Plans: Master of Divinity, Duke University

Chakena Sims, Connecticut College
Major: History
Post-Graduation Plans: Assistant Press Secretary, Chicago Public Schools; Young Alumni Trustee, Connecticut College Board of Trustees

Cheyenne Evans, Denison University
Major: Black Studies and Sociology
Post-Graduation Plans: Peace Corps, Lesotho

Dalia Ishaq, Denison University
Major: Biochemistry
Post-Graduation Plans: M.D., Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Nicolas Mendia, Middlebury College
Major: Psychology
Post-Graduation Plans: Associate Account Strategist, Google

Thomas Trieu, Pomona College
Major: Sociology
Post-Graduation Plans: Ph.D. in Sociology, The University of California, Berkeley

Javier Vazquez, Pomona College
Major: Economics
Post-Graduation Plans: Business Analyst, Deloitte

Morgan Williams, Trinity College
Major: Computer Science
Post-Graduation Plans: Software Engineer, Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

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