Fall 2016| Posse Atlanta Quarterly


150 Atlanta Scholars Attend Summer Career Week

Brandeis University Scholar Vanessa Alamo.

Posse Atlanta’s second annual Career Week exposed Pre-Collegiate Training (PCT) and on-campus Scholars to diverse career paths and provided them opportunities to build their professional skills. Scholars attended panels that highlighted career opportunities in business/finance, education/nonprofit, law/government, media/arts/entertainment, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Career Program partner Breakthrough Collaborative hosted a panel on education and international law firm King & Spalding LLP presented a “Day in the Life of an Associate” workshop. Additional events included a site visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta facilitated by Leadership Council member John Douglas and panels covering careers in media, arts and entertainment and the medical field.

"It was refreshing to hear from diverse professionals in various and creative industries,” said Brandeis University Scholar Vanessa Alamo, a senior majoring in Francophone studies with a minor in legal studies.

The week concluded with Deloitte Impact Day, which included workshops on business chemistry, business communications, and a “dress for success” fashion show. Ollie McCoy, a partner at Deloitte and a member of the Posse Atlanta Advisory Board, facilitated an executive presentation.

“Career Week provides an opportunity for PCT and on-campus Scholars to be exposed to and explore diverse careers and companies that they may not have previously considered,” says Posse Atlanta Director Zenith Houston. “We are so grateful to our career partners, advisory board and leadership council members, and volunteers who helped facilitate the week’s events.”

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