Wesleyan Scholars in the Posse Veterans Program.
Wesleyan Scholars in the Posse Veterans Program.

Wesleyan Posse Shines Spotlight on Climate Change

Spring 2018 | Veterans

Last February, Wesleyan University’s first-year Posse organized and screened the documentary “The Age of Consequences.” They invited the campus community to view the 2016 film, an investigation of climate change’s impact on the availability of resources, refugee migration patterns, and war from national security and global stability perspectives.

In addition to screening the film, the Scholars hosted a panel discussion immediately after the viewing that featured the documentary’s executive producer and director of outreach, Sophie Robinson. The panel was moderated by Posse Scholar Michael Freiburger, who also spoke with Wesleyan University faculty members Johan “Joop” C. Varekemp (Harold T. Stearns Professor in Earth Science and Professor of Environmental Studies) and retired United States Army colonel Robert M. Cassidy, Ph.D. (Retired Military Office Teaching Fellow).

The Scholars were excited to raise awareness about a topic they care about and champion, especially as it relates to their experiences as former active duty servicemembers and now as Wesleyan University students and Posse Veterans Program Scholars. They hoped that by bringing attention to the documentary they would add new perspectives and nuance to an ongoing debate.

The event drew a diverse and engaged crowd and has inspired the Posse to work together on future projects. They intend to develop student programming that will continue to foster communication and connection across the campus community.

The screening was presented by the Posse Scholars along with The Green Fund, the Wesleyan Office for Equity & Inclusion, and the College of the Environment. The event was co-sponsored by the Wesleyan University College of Film and the Moving Image with funding from the Mellon Foundation.