Wellesley College Alum
Wellesley College Alum Anastacia Castro.

Wellesley Alum Blazes Trail in Business Intelligence

Spring 2024 | Houston

Wellesley College alumna Anastacia (Staci) Castro is an expert in impact-based data science. Currently a business intelligence analyst at US AutoLogistics, Staci is using her expertise to adapt company processes to leverage cutting edge technological advancements. She is part of a pioneering team exploring machine learning and AI, creating “effective solutions for contemporary challenges.”

“I am excited to work on the AI project empowering others who may not be comfortable with technology,” says Staci. “In my role, I can help people better understand and utilize data so that they can make more informed business decisions.”

Posse goes beyond programmatic support. It is a community that has shaped me.

Staci recently experienced what she calls a “full circle moment” as a speaker at Posse Houston’s family meeting hosted by The Friedkin Group. She shared details of her Posse experience and the scope of support she received with finalists and their families.

“Posse goes beyond programmatic support; it is a community that has shaped me,” says Staci. “From providing professional resources and building my confidence in the job application process to meeting my best friend—Posse has shown me true friendship and community.”

Ultimately, Staci hopes to follow in the footsteps of giants in the AI field by using her technical skills to empower others.

“Perhaps that looks something like using data to tell stories that break stereotypes like Hans Rosling or perhaps it is reducing bias in algorithms like Joy Buolamwini,” she says. “I know I have a lot more to learn, and I hope that regardless of where I end up I’m at a place where I can open doors for others in the same way that so many people have helped me get to where I am today.”