Tulane University President Dr. Scott Cowen encouraged guests to invest in Posse.

Tulane President Speaks at New Orleans’ First Power of 10 Event

Winter 2014 | New Orleans

In October 2013, Posse New Orleans hosted its first Power of 10 fundraiser at the Martine Chaisson Gallery. The Power of 10 is Posse’s signature event to recognize the strength of a Posse of 10 and celebrate diversity in higher education and the workforce. The luncheon raised nearly $36,000 and featured special remarks by Dr. Scott Cowen, the president of Tulane University.

“We were thrilled to recognize Dr. Cowen for his pivotal role in helping to bring Posse to New Orleans,” said Posse New Orleans Director Monica Sylvain. “It’s exciting to send amazing student leaders from the New Orleans region to Tulane.”

President Cowen reflected on the remarkable opportunities Posse provides for the students of New Orleans.

“This is one of the best investments you can make,” said Dr. Cowen. “Investment in the students of New Orleans who need to have the hope for a better future. Posse provides that hope to them.”

Posse alumnus Brandon Hawkins, a 2011 graduate of Middlebury College, spoke to guests about the impact of his Posse experience. Currently a second grade teacher at KIPP Leadership Primary in New Orleans, Brandon is a dedicated mentor to his students.

“Graduating from Middlebury was one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Brandon. “I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my power to make sure that individuals like me had a chance to take advantage of the opportunities that I was afforded.”

Posse New Orleans is grateful to the hosts and sponsors who helped make the event a success:

Power of 10 Hosts
Diana Lewis
Louise W. McIlhenny and Hugh C. Riddleberger
Ann and Larry Rabin
Tom and Nancy Snedeker

Power of 10 Sponsors
Leslie Jacobs
Jones Walker LLP
Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation
Phyllis M. Taylor
Ann and Larry Rabin