Posse Scholar Julian Nelums at his 2017 graduation from Syracuse University.

Syracuse Alumnus Pursues MEM at Yale's School of Forestry

Fall 2017 | Atlanta

Julian Nelums graduated from Syracuse University last spring and has received a full-tuition Posse Graduate Fellowship to Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

This fall, Julian has begun a Master of Environmental Management degree with a specialization in business and the environment. He is interested in working with businesses to create more sustainable resource systems and addressing issues regarding energy and their public health implications in developing nations.

Posse helped me gain confidence in my own abilities and potential.

“Posse opened doors and created opportunities for me that may not have been possible on my own. It also gave me a strong support network of friends and role models that continue to inspire me,” says Julian. “Posse helped me gain confidence in my own abilities and potential that I did not have before.”

Julian is the third Posse Atlanta Scholar to attend a Posse Graduate School Affiliate on a full-tuition fellowship.

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies has been a Posse Graduate School Affiliate since 2015.