Bryn Mawr '23 Class Co-Presidents Reece Carew-Lyons (left) & Ebrar Yilmaz.

Recent Bryn Mawr Grads Leave Legacy of Leadership

Fall 2023 | Boston

Bryn Mawr College Posse Scholars Reece Carew-Lyons and Ebrar Yilmaz graduated this past May, leaving behind dual legacies of extraordinary achievement. Both graduated magna cum laude with departmental honors in biochemistry and molecular biology. The pair, who attended Bryn Mawr as a part of the same Posse cohort, also shared an important role on campus during their last year—that of senior class co-president.

During their four years at Bryn Mawr, Ebrar and Reece excelled academically while contributing outside the classroom to the College’s vibrant community. As class co-presidents, they planned numerous events, managing a budget of almost $100,000 for the senior class of over 300 students. Both were also selected as biochemistry department student representatives, helping to strengthen the office during their time in the role.

In addition to their shared leadership roles, Reece and Ebrar also boast numerous accolades for their individual achievements. Reece’s awards include the prestigious Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry from the American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry, which recognizes seniors who exceptional aptitude for organic chemistry.

"I’m grateful for the support from my mentors at Bryn Mawr who helped me pursue opportunities which in turn set me up for success as I apply to graduate schools in chemistry," says Reece.

Ebrar Yilmaz was awarded a highly coveted internship in the public health education department at the Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF). As a WHF intern, she was involved in many impactful projects in which she helped publish articles about press freedom and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic and created content about sexually transmitted diseases.

“Don’t let doubt shadow your dream; let it fuel your resilience instead. Always be an advocate for your goals and trust that it will propel you to incredible heights,” said Ebrar.

Reece and Ebrar are continuing to make strides towards their shared goal of a distinguished career in STEM. Reece Carew-Lyons is currently working at GSK, a global biopharmaceutical company, as a medicinal chemist where she researches and creates chemical compounds for use as drugs. She plans to continue her education in pursuit of a Ph.D. in organic chemistry next fall. Ebrar is preparing to continue her education as well, with the goal of attending dental school. Until then, she is shadowing dentists across many specialties to further expand her knowledge and understanding of the field.