Ann Tran.
Bryn Mawr College STEM Posse Scholar Ann Tran.

Boston Scholars Lead in Tech, Beyond

Winter 2019 | Boston

Posse Scholars are proving their information technology and cyber security skills in several companies in and around Boston, supporting each other along the way.

This past summer, two Bryn Mawr STEM Scholars completed internships at Eaton Vance as Risk Mitigation/Information Security interns. Jawhir Sundai and Mikal Haden-Gates helped various departments obtain documentation to conduct and complete investigations on global security events. At the end of her internship, Mikal was proud to accept a full-time position at Eaton Vance after she graduates this spring.

Posse has my back—not just in my education and career but also in life.

Ann Tran is another Bryn Mawr STEM Scholar who is finding computer science work outside of traditional tech companies. Ann shared her talents at PwC as a technology consulting intern last summer and is currently working as a technology consultant for consumer markets.

In another summer 2018 internship, Fidelity welcomed Bryn Mawr Scholar Jenny Wang as she explored software engineering.

Putnam Investments has built out their IT teams with several Posse Scholars. Centre College senior Morgan Hites completed an internship on Putnam’s Digital Transformation team this past last summer. Recent graduates Issifu Suhuhunu (Centre College) and Cecilia Truong (Bryn Mawr) are working full-time as Putnam technical associates.

“Putnam’s partnership with Posse has created an excellent stepping stone for me to keep pushing my own boundaries,” says Cecilia. “I am so grateful to Posse for having my back—not just in my education and career but also in life.”

Boston’s Scholars and alumni are continually inspiring the Posse community with their drive to explore technology, and their vision to embrace new opportunities.