Jonathan Dong
Jonathan Dong visiting Jain University in Kochi, India during his Bristol Fellowship.

Hamilton Alum Wins Prestigious Fellowship Abroad

Fall 2023 | Boston

Jonathan Dong, a Hamilton College Posse alum, is completing an intensive year of independent study as a recipient of Hamilton’s highly coveted Bristol Fellowship.

His research, which he began in October of 2022, has focused on the rise in sustainable fishing practices—known as aquaculture—around the word. As part of his fellowship, Jonathan was awarded $30,000 and has traveled to Mexico, Chile, Kenya, Singapore, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

“The rapid expansion of aquaculture comes with issues of regulations and waste management,” says Jonathan. “My goal has been to understand how aquaculture can continue to expand without disrupting the environment.”

According to Hamilton’s website, the Bristol Fellowship was created to encourage students’ “discovery of self and the world, a greater appreciation and understanding of people and culture, and to enable individuals to act on great ideas through independent study projects rather than formal academic pursuit.”

Jonathan’s travels have helped him understand aquaculture challenges in local contexts around the world. In Australia, he saw the disagreements between companies and local governments restrict innovative work, even causing facilities to halt all together. In Indonesia, he learned about the need for more investment from government and knowledge transfer between the science community and the farmers.

Reflecting on his experience as a Posse Scholar, Jonathan says, “Everyone at the Boston Posse office has supported me both personally and academically throughout my college career. The opportunities provided by Hamilton and Posse have allowed me to continue following my passions.”