New Posse Miami Board members Dareth Finn (left) and Reina Ponce.

Posse Miami Welcomes New Board Members

Fall 2023 | Miami

Reina Ponce, the chief financial and compliance officer of IPD Capital, is one of Posse Miami’s newest advisory board members. Reina’s responsibilities at IPD Capital include oversight of all finance functions and ensuring compliance with internal policies, laws, and regulations.

As a part of the Miami advisory board, Reina has attended board meetings, participated in a resume coaching workshop, and volunteered as a Career Program coach. She notes the mission of the organization as a particular draw for her.

“In those interactions, I met remarkable Scholars,” says Reina. “Posse not only focuses on education but also reaches out to minorities and underserved communities to provide merit-based awards. That is a win-win all around—for the student and their families as well as the communities and business at large.”

Her favorite aspect of working with Posse is getting to meet the Scholars and alumni.

“Seeing alumni come back to work for Posse speaks for itself.”
Dareth Finn, a partner at VOYlegal, is also new to the Miami advisory board. In his role at VOYlega, Dareth partners with law firms and corporations nationwide to help identify and hire legal talent.

He was first introduced to Posse about four years ago when he volunteered as a resume coach, interview coach and first-round interviewer for Posse’s selection process, the Dynamic Assessment Process.

Dareth has always been passionate about college access. After working in higher education for six years, he came to understand how inaccessible college is for many people.

“After volunteering with Posse for a few years and seeing the truly incredible work the organization does, I wanted to contribute even more,” says Dareth. “Not only did I miss working with talented college students, but I wanted to support an organization that was really making a difference in college access.”

Dareth, like Reina, is especially excited to interact with talented Scholars and alumni while learning about the incredible work they’re doing.

“From cancer research to climate change, Posse Scholars and alumni are working to address some of society’s greatest challenges—and they’re so passionate about what they do,” says Dareth. “Meeting Scholars and alum always leaves me feeling a bit more optimistic about the future; it’s in good hands.”