Greg Brown.
Greg Brown.

Motorola CEO Greg Brown Praises Program’s Success

Spring 2019 | National

Motorola Solutions has been a generous supporter of Posse over the past six years, with chairman and chief executive officer Greg Brown serving as a champion of the relationship.

“Posse is truly a sparkling jewel in higher education,” says Greg. “It completely redefines the notion of one’s social network, to one that is more physical and exponentially more powerful.”

“Posse is truly a sparkling jewel in higher education.”

Since 2013, Posse has received Motorola grants totaling nearly $300,000, including a $100,000 donation for the 2018 Posse Gala.

“We are so grateful to Greg Brown and Motorola for believing in the promise of Posse Scholars and investing in their futures,” says Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial. “This kind of support is invaluable.”

“For three decades Posse has graduated thousands of Scholars with a 90 percent graduation rate,” Greg says. “This organization is unique, unparalleled and absolutely transformational in its impact. I am honored to support it.”